Glee Season Finale Thoughts

Glee Season Finale Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 05.23.2012 at 4:15 pm

Oh “Glee,” you broke my heart! I think that sums up how I felt overall about this finale. It was very happy, but also very depressing. Just some quick one liners on each of the characters and their futures as of what we know . . .

Sam, Artie, Tina, Rory (Irish Guy), Sugar (the annoying rich girl), Blaine, and Joe (dreads guy) were juniors, so they are the seniors next year.

While not in this episode, Unique gave the tease in the Nationals episode that she may need to consider transferring to New Directions next year. Yes please! Out of all the “Glee Project” kids, Unique/Wade is the best.

Brittany revealed that she would not be graduating as she has a 0.0 GPA, but she’s okay with it. She looks forward to doing her senior year right, and being a 2 year president. Okay, if her GPA really was 0.0 then she would not be the school president, or in Glee Club or on the Cheerios! But this is TV . . . . I’m actually glad we’ll get more Brittany next year.

Santana revealed to her mom (guest star Gloria Estefan!) that she didn’t want go to college in Kentucky, she wanted to go to New York. Her mom wanted her to go to college. However at the end of the show her mother gave her all the money she had saved to help her pay for college, which was moot as Santana had a scholarship. However Santana decided to follow her dreams and use the money to go to New York, with her mother’s blessing. So we know how we’ll be seeing much of her next season. She’ll be in NY with Rachel.

Quinn was off to Harvard and gave Rachel a gift, travel passes for them to both visit one another next year at college. So we know how Quinn will remain on the show. We will probably see her visit Rachel from time to time in New York.

Mercedes and Mike’s futures seem uncertain. We really weren’t told much about them. Mike did apply to those dance schools awhile back . . .

Rachel, Finn and Kurt opened their acceptance letters together. Kurt did not get into NYADA, but Rachel did. Finn also learned he did not get into Pace. Rachel planned to defer a year, marry Finn and help them work on their applications so they could all go to NY together. However Finn wouldn’t let that happen. He also applied to the army and was accepted. He was off to Georgia for boot camp. He “set Rachel free” knowing it was best for her.

The show ended with Rachel on a train headed to New York, then arriving there. She was to meet her dads and look at the dorm.

Okay first . . . Emma is a bad counselor! Who lets students apply to one and only one school! Earlier spoilers seemed to indicate next season would be a show within a show, part would be dedicated to the Glee club, the other part to Rachel and Kurt’s NY adventures. I am betting that somehow Kurt does get in? I am also betting Finn will probably not make it in the army and will end up in New York somehow as well.

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  1. Mercedes was signed to sing back-up for an indie label in L.A. Mike was given a scholarship to the Joffery Ballet in Chicago

    Comment by Jana
    05.24.2012 at 7:20 pm

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