Once Upon A Time: Congrats on the Grandson . . . . I Think?

Once Upon A Time: Congrats on the Grandson . . . . I Think?

Posted by Dustin on 02.19.2013 at 9:02 pm

So last night the big reveal on “Once Upon A Time” was made, the identity of Rumple’s son. Most everyone guessed by now it was Niel, Emma’s ex and Henry’s dad. However there was a big twist thrown in to make up for the fact that we all figured the secret out.

In Storybrooke, Cora revealed her plan to Regina and a very unhappy Hook. Cora planned to find the dagger that controlled Rumple and was the source of his power. Regina realized her mother was just after more power, but Cora quickly said with the dagger they could command Rumple. They could have Rumple kill Emma, Snow and Charming and Regina would come out looking innocent. Furthermore she’d have what she always wanted, Henry! Not surprisingly, Hook wasn’t fond of this plan. Where was his chance to exact revenge? Cora zapped him and she and Regina took off to find the dagger. I’m assuming Hook isn’t dead, and thus he’ll warn Snow, Charming or Emma what the evil dou is up to?

In New York, the magic globe thingy Cora gave Rumple led him right to his son, whom Emma chased down, only to learn was her ex lover Neil. She was stunned and felt he knew who she was all along, that he used her. He swore he didn’t, and reveals he left when Pinocchio showed up and revealed he knew who he was. He was forced to leave Emma, only then did he know who she was. So it seems August did what he did because if Emma stayed with Neil, she likely never would have gotten to Storybrooke as he certainly wasn’t going near the place. My guess was even then August was living on borrowed time, so his actions were partly selfish. I also think this means we’ll learn what became of him soon.

Emma let Neil go because she definitely didn’t want him back in her life, or to find out about Henry. However Rumple wasn’t going to just let his son go and pushed. We then learned more about his past in the Fairytale Land that was . . . In the past Rumple went to fight in the Ogre Wars to escape the stigma of his father, who was a coward and died when he was a baby. He’s lived with the stigma his whole life, so he wanted to prove to all he was no coward. During the war though he met a young girl who was a seer. She told him that his wife was pregnant, but that if he stayed in the war there was a chance he’d never see his son. Rumple couldn’t bear his son growing up without a father, that feeling of abandonment. So he crippled his leg with a hammer to get out of the war. This is why he walks with a cane, and why he got branded as a coward. Even his wife told him he should have stayed and died, because this fate was worse for his son.

Back in New York, Rumple found Neil’s apartment and Emma was worried that there would be something in it to tip him off that she had a past with him. Neil ended up showing up to save Emma from his father, as he knew Rumple would never let her out of the deal they had. However Neil was stunned to learn about his son, Henry was shocked Emma lied to him just like Regina would, and Rumple was just plain stunned. Que a final memory of Rumple’s from the past . . . Rumple as the Dark One tracked down the seer again. She was older and tired of her power, which she gladly gave to Rumple. He felt it would help him find his son. Once he had it, he realized it was more of a curse than a blessing, as he couldn’t make sense of anything. As she died, she said he’d learn to use it in time. She also gave him one last prophecy. She said he would find his son, a young boy would help lead him back to his son . . . however this young boy would also be Rumple’s undoing. Rumple said “Well then I’ll just have to kill him!” Uh oh . . . he never thought he’d have to choose between himself and his own grandson. Henry could be in serious trouble! My guess is this could serve, down the line, to bring Emma and Regina together in order to fight Rumple.


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