Army Wives: The New Tribe Bonds . . .

Army Wives: The New Tribe Bonds . . .

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2013 at 8:11 pm

The latest episode of “Army Wives” served to be a bonding moment for the new wives, and the ascension of Denise and Jackie’s roles in a way.

Denise is taking care of the Burton kids while Roland is at John Hopkins. David befriends Maggie and Latasha’s son’s ant school, and they all get into trouble for making a makeshift bomb on the playground out of an MRE, and have to do a project together. This brings them, as well as Maggie and Latasha to Denise’s house one evening.

That evening the news comes out that there is an explosion at the base in Afghanistan. Kevin had just returned to the field too! Jackie high tales it to Denise’s house, and eventually Gloria (worried about Hector) and Holly (worried about her husband, played by Jessie McCartney) show up as well.

All the girls sit around and talk. Denise basically becomes the new Claudia Joy of the group, and Jackie assumes Denises old role. Of course this is ironic as Jackie is technically Claudia Joy and the head of the FRG now that CJ is gone. My guess is it won’t be long before Denise is appointed her co-chair. Denise takes their minds off the news and gets them all to tell how they met their spouses. This all helps the new tribe bond.

Michael meanwhile is working to find out the truth for everyone, and Maggie’s husband Eddie is assigned to work with him. We knew he had gotten himself into some kind of trouble before, which is why he didn’t want to make waves about the housing situation. We learned a little more about that this week. Michael noted at his old base he was a rank higher, what happened? Eddie didn’t want to talk too much about it yet, but said it involved his ex-wife. We learned she had some issues, and he took this job to move their daughter away from her basically, even with a downgraded rank.

By the end of the episode none of the tribe had lost any spouses, a suicide bomber blew himself up. A lot of misinformation made it around the net and the news. The girls bonded, and Jackie got Maggie and Eddie into a house finally. They became Latasha’s next door neighbors. So it’s a redux of Pamela and Roxie in a way, though Holly is the new Roxie and Maggie is more Pamela’s type.

To be honest, Maggie is the only one of the new wives I actually have warmed up to and feel an attachment to. She definitely reminds me of Pamela a lot. I think that is why I like her.

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