Grey’s: Fishies

Grey’s: Fishies

Posted by Dustin on 04.27.2007 at 7:59 pm

So This was typed the day after I saw the show, I STILL haven’t re-watched it for all the details I’ve missed.

First up, Callie so knows something is going on between George and Izzie. She gave Izzie a warning to, stay away! George and Izzie seem to think they can just forget what happened, but Izzie ended up confessing all to Burke in the end. Uh oh, it’s going to get back to Callie. Meanwhile George got his own little warning from the board chairman’s wife . . . the wife always knows!

Speaking of that chairman of the board guy . . . OMG! That fish was HUGE. How do you not know if something like that swims “up” you. Watching them pull it out of him was one of the most painful moments I think I’ve ever seen on this show. That’s saying a lot since most of the operating scenes make me squeamish.

So as everyone has been competing for position of the chief, I have always felt the Chief, in the end, would not leave. This episode seemed to hint at just that. After the board guy talked to him it seemed like he was giving not retiring a lot of thought.

So Addison and her “man whore” broke it off. Well, he dumped her really. She went and got all jealous over Alex and Jane Doe during the delivery. Then she grabbed him . . . and took him! Then not only did she get caught by Mark and he dumped her before she could dump him, Alex gave her the cold shoulder too! Harsh. No wonder she runs away to California next week.

Finally the Derrick and Meredith drama. We finally learned one of the reasons he’s been cold to her is that he can’t deal with the fact that she didn’t try and save herself when she fell into the water. However we also know his running for chief is a big issue with him too.




  1. I hope things pan out better for Mer and Derek… they both deserve to be happy and like miranda said– love is more important than being cheif–look where it got him… he’s been hinting that to all the residents, i think that’s half the reason they brought marlow in for a minute– ack to mere and der… she didn’t fight, and he has been breathing for her for way too long…

    and the more i look at it i hope Izzue and George stay friends. You can’t marry a guy without realizing that you are marrying his friends also (well sort of) you take the good with the bad

    Comment by Jessica
    04.27.2007 at 8:16 pm
  2. I totally think Derek was just using that not swimming thing as an excuse to put distance between them so he would feel less guilty about wanting the chief position over Meredith. He knew she was damaged goods pretty much from the get go. He added to that damage, too, when he didn’t tell her about Addison. I hope he can find his balls and step up.

    Comment by Jaxon
    04.29.2007 at 7:16 am

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