Heroes: Time Traveling

Heroes: Time Traveling

Posted by Dustin on 04.30.2007 at 9:35 pm

So this week Ando and Hiro went five years into the future and saw what would happen if they didn’t save the world. We learned that Ando died in the explosion, changing Hiro into an unhappy man driven to change the past. We also learned Heroes are now hunted down and captured, and many of the good guys had for some reason gone bad.  What was up with that? I felt though that I walked away from this episode with a whole lot of questions and very little answers!

First up, we learned Sylar was impersonating Nathan in the future. Obviously he wanted to be President for some reason, but he has to have a bigger plan here. What could it be? I can’t figure out what he was up to. He obviously had been hunting for Claire all along though. She must be important in whatever it is he is after.

So if Peter actually WAS the bomb, then how is he still alive? Is the explosion merely an energy blast than kills everyone else around him? Does Claire’s power keep him together? I was puzzled on that one.

Micah and DL were hidden away in this episode. Something is up there. We know Linderman has plans for Micah . . . . hmmm. I think the lack of them on screen was very important in what happened.

Pretty much after everyone was killed, Hiro and Ando made it back home with the comic. The comic shows Hiro killing Sylar, but was it me, or did it look like he was killing Nathan in the comic? Maybe it was just the way they illustrated Sylar. There is said to be one huge hero death in the finale. Hmmmmmm.

From the previews for next week, Peter and Nathan’s mom is still pushing Nathan to run. Something is up with her, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s not as good as we’ve been lead to believe. She’s obviously kept a lot from her kids. Oh and we apparently WILL learn just what is up with their dad and who he was . . .  or is.

Next week we also meet a new hero, Milly. She’s a little girl who apparently has the power to kill Sylar. This out to be really interesting! I like the idea of more kid heroes.

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  1. Found my way over here from your Days page. :3

    Just wanted to comment and correct you (not sure if it was a typo or you misheard): Her name is Molly, not Milly. She is the little girl from one of the first episodes. The one that Parkman found hiding in her home at the crime scene where Sylar killed her parents. (The victim that was frozen)


    Comment by DOOL Mike
    05.01.2007 at 2:22 am
  2. DL was obviously killed by Sylar, illustrated when Sylar (as Nathan) pulled Peter out of the room just before he revealed to Peter that he was Sylar.

    And Claire was very important to Sylar because he knows her power is regeneration and with that power he would be invincible, basically. That’s why it was so important to Future Hiro that Claire was kept alive. Like he said, when he stabbed Sylar he didn’t die because at that time he had Claire’s ability.

    Comment by Jody
    05.01.2007 at 12:16 pm
  3. Good point on DL, though Hiro had mentioned he brought DL and Micah to Mr. Bennett to keep them safe. I wonder if Sylar got the same power from someone else?

    Comment by Dustin
    05.01.2007 at 1:14 pm
  4. What i dont get is how Peter was able to fight off sylars head slicing thing with claires regeneration power and repair himself, but claire was unable to do it for herself and died (which im guessing the show was implying in that episode and also due to the fact that there was this whole thing of “save the cheerleader”)If peter was able to repair himself with her power and if claire can supposedly repair herself through even the exploding man, then why couldnt she repair herself against sylar like peter did?

    Comment by Casey
    05.01.2007 at 6:00 pm
  5. Dustin —

    Heroes rules!! I think you found your replacement for The OC on your website!!!

    Comment by Chris
    05.01.2007 at 9:22 pm
  6. Casey, I agree with your line of thought. I was thinking about the same thing watching it. But then I thought that maybe Claire would be able to regenerate because Sylar started to take Peter’s powers the same way before he regenerated.

    I’m also wonder what happened to Nathan. I guess Sylar killed him and Peter didn’t know because he was somehow estranged from him at that point?

    Comment by Anne
    05.01.2007 at 10:03 pm
  7. The reason why I believe Clair couldn’t save herself is because Peter has more powers to fight Sylar than she does. I also believe that Sylar did say that he did kill DL. I don’t know about Micah.
    I wanted to know where Linderman was in all of this, and how where did Jessica go since she was actually Niki?

    Comment by Brandi
    05.01.2007 at 10:23 pm
  8. Thats a good point Brandi. I guess another thing that im wondering about is that since Peter is the one that “explodes” then how is killing Sylar going to stop it? Is future Hiro assuming that Sylar is the “exploding man” so thats why he needs to be killed or does he know that Peter is the bomb?

    Comment by Casey
    05.03.2007 at 6:19 pm
  9. What if Peter and Sylar have another confrontation in which they battle it out causing Peter (who still is slightly untrained in his talents) to exert a strong energy in his rage against Sylar that ends up destroying the city? It would be an energy pulse that destroys the city and not actually Peter blowing up?

    Comment by heathrbear
    05.05.2007 at 7:44 pm
  10. Glad to see that Heroes is one of the shows up for commentary/discussion.

    As for last week’s episode: Peter and Niki said that DL and Micah were dead. Not sure how Jessica “disappeared” though. I think Peter survived the explosion because of Claire’s power of regeneration. For all we know Claire survived her attack from Sylar. The scene ended but Claire could have regenerated after Sylar left the room.

    Comment by Nik647
    05.05.2007 at 8:54 pm
  11. Hi everyone. One thing I was wondering is why does Peter have that wicked scar if he can regenerate? Is it a scar from when he explodes and he kept it to remind himself of what he did? I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
    p.s. how freaking awesome is future Peter…and hot!!!!

    Comment by Jill
    05.06.2007 at 2:08 pm
  12. p.s.s
    Peter was able to regenerate because he also has different powers and was able to throw Sylar into the wall when he was in the middle of cutting his head open. It was only then that he was able to regenerate. He couldnt do it in the middle if the attack…hope that helps 😉

    Comment by Jill
    05.06.2007 at 2:11 pm
  13. Okay. I think I can clarify a couple of things for some people. I am an AVID Heroes watcher. I haven’t missed an episode since it began!! In the last episode (the future one) Peter and Niki are an item. When they have the fight in the strip club, right before Peter leaves with Hiro & Ando, Peter tells Niki that DL and Micah are dead b/c of the explosion & that he caused the explosion. SO, Sylar did not kill either one of them. Later, when Peter & “Nathan” see each other, they hint that they have been astranged since the bomb, which is probably why Peter didn’t know Sylar was “Nathan”. As for, the regeneration thing, as mentioned by Jill, Peter was not completly dead when he fought Sylar off with his powers. Claire thought she was talking to “Nathan” so her defenses were down and Sylar snuck up behind her as “Nathan”. So, it possible that he completly killed her. But, for those of you who have watched the show from the beginning, Claire had previously been killed in a rape attempt. She was lying on a coroner’s table in the morgue with her chest split open. She managed to live through that, so I highly doubt Sylar killed her. As someone else pointed out, the scene cut away as Sylar was killing her and never went back to her. We don’t actually know if she regenerated or not. As far as Peter regenerating after the bomb, that is very possible. Peter has also died before, like Claire; and like Claire, he has been able to come back to life no matter what as long as there were no parts of him missing or pieces of metal or anything sticking in him. Also, my theory is that it wasn’t actually a bomb so to speak. In the end of the last episode, Sylar and Peter were fighting each other with energy power surges. If these surges were powerful enough, they would have the effect of a bomb going off (like an atomic bomb) but would not necessarily blow the “person” causing the explosion to pieces, which would allow Peter to simply regenerate after it was over. I am in no way affiliated with NBC or the show, so this isn’t insider information. I have just been watching it from the beginning, like I said, and have seen things that helped me come to these conclusions. Hope all these ideas helped!!

    Comment by Miranda
    05.07.2007 at 12:58 am
  14. Just to clear something up….

    Sylar actually eats the brains (ugh!!!!!) I don’t think Claire can regenerate without that (When she was killed before, her brain was injured, not removed)… As far as Peter no being killed, it was pointed out that he fought Sylar off. Sorry to have to point out that gross fact, but that’s what Sylar is doing…

    Comment by Arianna
    05.10.2007 at 3:30 pm
  15. I am a faithful watcher as well. Claire does regenerate if everything is intact. Peter was dead until Claire noticed the glass in the back of his head. Once that was removed he regained life. So if Sylar takes part of her brain I do not believe that she will regenerate. But Hiro will save the world. I can not wait. I love this show!!!

    Comment by Crystal
    05.11.2007 at 10:24 am

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