Harper’s Island: Cal and Chloe’s Swan Song

Harper’s Island: Cal and Chloe’s Swan Song

Posted by Dustin on 06.28.2009 at 1:26 pm

So “Harper’s” is winding down. Next week there is no new episode (I think it’s a repeat) and in 2 weeks is the two hour finale, which the promo teases “secrets and the killer revealed.”

This week’s episode was amazing, but really was mostly a lot of running from the killer, or hunting him down. I’m gunna try and provide some kind of recap of the main events that happened (I was suffering a migraine, so some might not be 100% accurate). After the mini-cap some thoughts on who I think is the 2nd killer (and probably Wakefield’s kid).

The show started off with a recap of Abby’s father getting killed. Henry and Danny showed up to basically find Wakefield standing in front of Abby. He ran off because they arrived. Abby said her father was her father, she told him. Danny pondered if this was all about Wakefield getting revenge on the sheriff, then would it end here? They soon got the answer, Wakefield was out to keep killing, and nobody knew why. Cal offered the idea later that maybe the man is nuts and just likes to kill.

At the Candlewick, Henry, Abby and Danny returned and told everyone it is Wakefield, he is alive. Suddenly Wakefield showed up and killed the blond who worked there. Shane faced off with him, and lost his life as Trish, armed with a gun, led everyone out a back window.

Trish led everyone to the Sheriff’s place, saying Abby brought her here and they’d be safe. When asked about Jimmy, Trish said something to the effect that Wakefield got Shane, she guessed he got Jimmy too. Trish apologized to Abby for sending her into that trap, but Abby said for a few she also thought it was her dad behind it all. They found the maps of the tunnel at the Sheriff’s place and realized this is how he was getting around, they had to close up the tunnels to stop him. Madison and Shea were left behind at the Sheriff’s for safety.

Church bells began to ring, and people on various parts of the island thought someone was signaling to them, or it was a trap.

Everyone went to the church, where one tunnel entrance was. Cal and Sully turned up (cause of the bells), with the bad news that the other boat was gone, they were stuck here. Wakefield’s face flashed by quickly, and before they knew it, Chloe had gone missing. Wakefield took her and held her captive in this pipe/bridge thing that spanned the falls on the island.

Jimmy showed up around this point, alive and okay. He said he woke up, Shane was strung up and dead. He had been looking all over for them when he also heard the bells.

Cal, Henry and Abby decided to go look for Chloe. Sully and Danny went back to the Candlewick to close off the tunnel there. Trish and Jimmy would get the third entrance which was in the woods near where they found Abby and Madison.

Cal found Chloe, while Henry and Abby were chasing Wakefield nearby. Cal saved Chloe, but then Wakefield arrived and killed Cal, throwing him off the bridge. Chloe refused to let Wakefield have her, and jumped off killing herself (moments before Cal had proposed to her). Henry and Abby were on the side of one of the falls and saw it all.

Jimmy and Trish were in a truck blocking/guarding one of the entrances. Trish had fallen asleep with a gun. Jimmy took it, only saying it was dangerous for her to sleep with a loaded gun. Back at the Sheriff’s office, Shea yelled at Madison, who was going through the files the Sheriff had. Earlier they had looked at how the Sheriff was tracking Wakefield and theorizing there were two killers. Shea told her to stop looking through them. Madison says she wasn’t, it seems the Sheriff had a lot of information on someone else . . . Jimmy! He had a whole box on Jimmy, including police records of some kind.

My Thoughts
So after seeing the box of files on Jimmy, I think he’s a red herring. The show, even in the teasers for the 2-hour finale, makes it seem like Jimmy is the 2nd killer. There are the questions like why did Wakefield spare him at the Candlewick, and how did he survive that explosion that have yet to be answered. I think they are there so we suspect Jimmy as the 2nd killer.

However the Sheriff, right before dying, told Abby he traded his life’s for Jimmy’s, that Jimmy loved her and would take care of her. If the Sheriff really thought Jimmy was a bad guy, I don’t think he would have done that. Now of course I could be all wrong, and the show could go for Jimmy as the bad guy, which would be a little predictable.

After this last episode, I have to say I am really wondering about Trish though. Several things were off with her. She had a clear shot at Wakefield in the Candlewick and didn’t take it. Why? She later told Abby and the others that Wakefield had gotten to Jimmy, which we know he didn’t. It was Trish who had wanted to send Abby to see her father the episode before. At one point Chloe said to Trish “Why did you have to pick this stupid island for your wedding.” Chloe went missing when she was standing right next to Trish? Hmmmmm, is she the 2nd killer? Is she the real Wakefield kid? Her mom died awhile ago, and I don’t think we ever got the whole story on that did we? (Other than I don’t think she was a Wakefield victim).




  1. I also don’t think it would be Jimmy, it would be odd for Jimmy to save Abby when they were younger just to set up and kill all of her family now.Not to mention, I find it odd that someone could have lived on the island that long and no one would have heard some crazy rumor about his dad not being his real dad

    Trish thought, I never even thought of that. That would be a good one.

    🙁 but Chole and Cal make me sad, I liked them, Oh well I still have my Sully.

    Comment by Malorie
    06.28.2009 at 2:21 pm
  2. my heart sank when cal and chloe died. through them i learnt much about love and sincerity and i really thought that such a beautiful duo shouldn’t be killed off

    Comment by Johnny
    06.28.2009 at 3:32 pm
  3. This is completly off the issue but what is the name of the song when cal and chloe died i have been trying to find out

    Comment by Alex
    06.28.2009 at 8:55 pm
  4. the song that plays when Chloe jumps is called Letters from the sky by civil twilight.

    Comment by Anitra
    06.28.2009 at 9:25 pm
  5. Becky and I came to the same conclusion about Jimmy. I was leaning toward Shea (actually would love if it was Madison as accomplice*G*), but Trish is an intriguing alternative.

    Comment by Aravis
    06.29.2009 at 12:26 am
  6. Something seemed off with Henry too…there was a point that he had a shot at Wakefield and didn’t take it. Although Trish would be a bigger surprise!

    Comment by Mo
    06.29.2009 at 11:05 am
  7. wow this show has been amazing!! i am sad that chloe and cal died but happy that they died together!! it was such a powerful moment went the song was playing and she looked at wakefield and said “you can’t have me”!!!!! it was min-blowing. from all the previews i would say that it is jimmy that is the second killer. It would be a massive surprise to see trish as the second killer and i can see how some of you think that but i do not see that happening. In my opinion, i think the last episode will consist of wakefield killing sully ad danny, jimmy killing trish, henry killing jimmy(right before jimmy attempts to kill abby), and abby finally killing wakefield. it’s a possibility…..leaving shea,madison,henry, and abby to try to find a way off the island….thus a new season is born entitled Lost( i didn’t say it was good).

    oh thank you, by the way, i was looking for that song forever when cal and chloe died and i could not figure out what the name was of that song. it is an awesome song!! can’t wait for the next episode! love this site… : )

    Comment by ellie
    06.29.2009 at 5:09 pm
  8. I too was thinking that it was very odd that Trish didn’t take the shot, but I coudln’t understand why should would kill her own dad(Mr Wellington). So then I thought it had to be Henry. He grew up on the island as well right? Do we know anything about his past other than he was close friends with Abby when they were growing up? It’ll be interesting to watch the first episode again next week knowing everything we know now!! Maybe there will be some clues! 🙂

    Comment by yvette
    06.29.2009 at 7:01 pm
  9. I think Henry mentioned his parents both died and uncle Marty had to raise him and JD.

    Comment by Dustin
    06.29.2009 at 7:13 pm
  10. We still don’t know why JD said Abby’s name when he was dying. Maybe she’s still a possibility?

    Comment by Becca
    06.30.2009 at 1:49 am
  11. I don’t think the writers will be so predictable that Jimmy ends up being the 2nd killer. I would have a flach back to Scream if that were the case. But what if Trish is Wakefields kid. She might not have any problems killing some guy that “claimed” to be her father all those years. and Honestly who would choose to have their wedding on a podunk island when your family obviously has plenty of money. And I agree that lately her actions have been wierd. Like when Wakfield came crashing into the cannery with a long knife thing. Trish runs away with a shotgun! She doesn’t even try to shoot him, stupid. I just hope that the finally isn’t a total let down after such a great show.

    Comment by syrieously
    06.30.2009 at 12:40 pm
  12. i know it soooooo irritated me when trish didn’t shot wakefield right there. instead of shane being killed he would still be alive as well as chloe and cal!! she totally could have shot him while shane was trying to fight him!!! irritating…..

    Comment by ellie
    07.01.2009 at 11:39 pm
  13. How come both times people shot at Wakefield through a door (especially Danny and Sully because Wakefield was in a narrow tunnel) he was never hit, if I’m not mistaken there were 4 shotgun blasts at him in the tunnel and 3 through the bathroom door in the Cannery…. What if he’s a ghost….

    Comment by Tom
    07.04.2009 at 6:48 pm
  14. If you’re interested in finding out who survives through episode 12 and into episode 13 check out what IMDB has to say about Harpers Island it lists the cast and tells us how many episodes each character appears in

    Comment by Hannah
    07.08.2009 at 7:35 pm
  15. I don’t think IMBD is accurate though because it says Jimmy is only in 10 episodes and he’s still alive.


    If that is to be believed though….Sully, Danny and Madison? are next???

    Comment by Beth
    07.09.2009 at 3:20 pm
  16. Imdb is heavily user info submitted. So who knows

    Also dear Canadians. No spoiling for us in the us who have to wait till Saturday!

    Comment by Dustin
    07.09.2009 at 3:37 pm
  17. Just so you know the reason it says Jimmy only appears in 10 episodes is because he doesn’t appear in episodes 3 and 6. Also, I could be wrong but I don’t think the cast information can be altered by the public even though as you point out there is plenty on that site that can be.

    Of the surviving cast Abby, Henry, Trish, Sully, Shea, Danny, and Madison have appeared in every episode up to this date.

    Jimmy has appeared in all but 2 and John Wakefield has appeared in 2 episodes.

    Comment by Hannah
    07.09.2009 at 6:23 pm

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