Ghost Whisperer and Medium: Shiney Bright Lights!

Ghost Whisperer and Medium: Shiney Bright Lights!

Posted by Dustin on 11.21.2009 at 8:34 pm

So on “Ghost Whisperer” we finally got a bit of closure with a lot of the loose ends they’ve been leaving this season so far. Some mind you, not all.

The little girl from the hospital involved with the Scarlett Stitch letters died of leukemia, but attached herself to Aidan. She was afraid to cross over, explaining how the shadows were haunting her and they made her feel all the bad things she did in life, and it hurt. We learned that the shineys are the shadows foes, and they can fight them off, but only if there are enough reflective or light things around to attract them and give them power.

The girl convinced Aidan to run away to someplace she wanted to show him (I forget why, I think the shineys liked the place) but once there the shadows overtook her and the shineys couldn’t come in as there wasn’t enough for them to get the power they needed (or what not). Aiden saved the girl ghost by shining his flash light on the shadows, which chased them away. In the end Melinda and the girls parents helped cross her over and assure her that they would fight the shadows and do what they could to help the shineys.

Now we got some explanation to these things for sure, but the University Dean’s storyline is still going on as he still warns Eli about the danger going on. Also there is still the morgue ghost at the hospital they have yet to resolve. I did like that they finally told that police detective the truth about Melinda, but Eli stopped short of revealing his gift. I think he likes her and they are setting her up as a probable love interest, which is why he didn’t tell her.

I do have to say, I thought the shineys and the shadows were kinda silly. Maybe it was this episode and the kids, but they seemed more like something kids would think up and be afraid of rather than something really terrifying to adults. The shineys looked like little kid spirits.

On “Medium” Alison ended up having to wear sunglasses all the time because she kept seeing bright lights, but when she put the glasses on, she saw numbers over everyone’s heads. It was a countdown of how many days they had left. She of course refused to look at her own family members. This and a visit from Joe’s dead dad reminding her that Joe isn’t much older than he was or his grandfather was when they started having heart attacks (which lead to their deaths).

Joe became concerned for his health, and when he was told he was fine except for stress, he tried meditating as recommended. This lead him to meet the president of the company on a lunch break, who also was a fan of meditation. The dead dad orchestrated it all so Joe would meet the guy, Joe’s as healthy as a horse. It got Joe’s foot in the door though and he’s been invited to dinner.

Meanwhile Alison ended up having to save Lee from his number being up. It all involved a case Lee was working on with a crime family and a crooked cop.

I didn’t think this was one of the stronger episodes honestly. I did like that we got some advancement on Joe’s work situation though. I always love when we see more of Allison’s family in the show.


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1 Comment

  1. Yeah, I like Joe and am always happy when we get more of him, esp. if something good is happening for him, instead of the usual bad.

    The little girl took Aiden to the train station because it used to be a theme place where people brought their kids too; it’s where her ghost kid friends meet up. But they weren’t there because of the shadows.

    That’s an interesting thought regarding Eli and the cop. I wonder if you’re right?

    And yeah, I get tired of the Shadow/Shinies thing, too.

    Comment by Aravis
    11.24.2009 at 8:13 pm

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