Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Thoughts: Sins of the Fathers

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Thoughts: Sins of the Fathers

Posted by Dustin on 11.22.2009 at 9:27 pm

So this week’s “Grey’s” was the last one of the whole year. Yes, you read that right! Next week we get two back to back “Private Practices” and then I think they may be done as well, though I’m not sure on that.

Given it was the last “Grey’s” they basically raced through Thanksgiving, Christmas and then ended with New Years. It was a mash-up of holidays. I for one didn’t like this fast-forward scenario because with all the Mercy West and now Teddy drama, it’s like we just are supposed to believe all that drama got put on hold for the holidays.

The Chief took a shine to Meridith and began tutoring her. Partly out of guilt, partly to keep her from telling anyone he had been drinking again. He even tried to convince her that he misdiagnosed himself as an alcoholic. Of course as the holidays progressed, his drinking got worse and it looks like even Meredith can’t hide it anymore. What I didn’t get was . . . where was his wife? He had thanksgiving dinner at Meredith’s without his wife?

Bailey’s dad came into town for the holidays and was furious that she didn’t tell him she was getting a divorce, and she felt she had ruined her marriage, her life and her child’s life over her job. During the middle of Thanksgiving dinner she told him off, that her child was happy, she was happy, and that she wasn’t staying in a miserable marriage and having that set the example for her child about what real love was, that her child and she deserved better. Woohoo! Best part of the whole episode. Oh and that was Sarah Ramirez (Callie) singing “Silent Night” during the scene.

Yang and Teddy worked to find a heart for a young patient whose heart failed her and they had to take out. She was living without a heart and on a machine. Over the months she fell in love with a guy who she’d only been on four dates with prior to all this. HE stuck by her and proposed on New Years. It was a touching story. At the same time Yang was beginning to realize what was going on between Teddy and Hunt. Hunt eventually told Teddy that all that time, he had feelings for her as well, and had she only told him then . . . but now he loved Christina. At the end of the show he promised and pledged his love to Christina, but I still think there is big trouble on the way. Hunt clearly still has feelings for her, and now that he told her I don’t think Teddy will give up.

Mark got a shock when a young woman arrived and said she was his daughter. She was, and Mark had known about her for years, he just convinced himself the mother might have had an abortion. Clearly she didn’t. However the young girl had gotten pregnant and her mother kicked her out, she had no place to go. I found it a bit odd that the mother kicked her out . . . given Mark walked out on her when she was pregnant with this kid! This story sets up the cross-over set to happen in January as Mark needs Addison’s help to save the unborn baby.

Over on “Private Practice” Addison’s father “The Captain” showed up. She wasn’t happy to see him, she was sure he was here having one of his affairs. She had covered for him her whole life, and learned everything she knew about cheating from him . . . as she ruined her marriage with Derek in the same way.

The kid from a show last season that was on the run with his father was back in this episode, as was his mother and her new husband, who the kid accused of abusing him. Cooper protected the kid and ended up in jail for it. Basically in the end, the little kid was lying! He told a lie hoping to get his parents back together, it failed, and he kept having to lie to cover up the initial lie. I have to say it was definitely not the same-old abuse story, so I have to give them credit there. However I was just furious by time the story was over. I guessed half way through the kid was lying, and when it was revealed, I was still furious. I felt bad for Cooper though as he really believed this kid and paid dearly for protecting him by getting the crap kicked out of him in jail.

Finally Pete, Naomi and the genetic guy at the other practice dealt with a dying patient and his pregnant wife. She wanted to deliver her baby early so her husband, who was running out of time, could see the child. Naomi of course was against this, the genetic guy for it. In the end they delivered the baby early so the man could see his child born. I have to say I don’t really like all these ethical dilemmas they set up between Naomi and this new guy. I don’t know if it’s the reason Naomi will leave the new practice, or if it’s going to lead to these two having sex!




  1. Dustin

    What were your thoughts about the Dell story – specifically his scenes with Violet?

    Comment by JS026
    11.22.2009 at 10:14 pm
  2. I was always a Grey’s fan, but I find the show so forced now. They have too much going on and too many characters and they don’t spend enough time on certain things. I thought it was dumb that Mark would tell Lexie the girl was really his daughter with everyone in the room. I am not a fan of Mark and Lexie, but I thought this was just rude. I didn’t like that it turned out Mark knew his ex was pregnant, I think the story would be better if he just found out he had a daughter. I really felt for Bailey, that was the only part of the episode I found moving at all. This might be rude of me, but I’ve had enough with Meredith constantly talking about her crappy parents, and her crappy childhood. I know a lot of people who had major issues growing up, and I don’t like the fact that a woman in her thirties has to mention it constantly after she supposedly dealt with her past. She has a lot going on for her, and this is probably the biggest reason I have never liked Meredith as a character. She had a father who wasn’t involved in her life, and a mother who didn’t seem to care but I don’t think there was ever enough family drama to cover this many seasons.

    Comment by Steph
    11.22.2009 at 10:32 pm
  3. I knew I was going to forget something lol. Well it was hard watching the Dell story knowing the spoilers for next week’s two shows. Thats one of the reasons I stay away from Glee spoilers as much as possible, cause it’s something I don’t want ruined 😛

    YEah Dell’s in some big denial about Betsy (or whatever the wife’s name is, I think Betsy is the daughter) 🙁 However I did like what he told Violet, that she deserved to be loved too . . . however again . . . given the previews . . . not that kinda love!

    Comment by Dustin
    11.22.2009 at 10:36 pm
  4. I find myself hating Cooper as of late. Like he admitted in an earlier episode, he is a big kid. And know he is acting like a kid that didn’t get his way, and the bigger the fit he throws maybe mommy and daddy will cave in a buy him that candy bar. Granted I understand why he is mad at Charlotte for not telling him about being married, but no one can get mad at him for hiding a kidnapped kid. I know that he was trying to help, but that is not for him to decide, it is for the courts. At the end of the episode it seemed like he felt everyone else was wrong except for him and that he couldn’t do any wrong.

    I think Dell’s wife’s name is Heather, but could be wrong on that.

    Comment by Marie
    11.23.2009 at 7:57 am
  5. I am getting frustrated with Violet. It’s time for her to snap out of her issues. I was cheering Dell on when he was telling her off.

    Comment by JS026
    11.24.2009 at 12:01 am

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