Desperate Housewives and Brothers And Sisters: Calms Before the Storms

Desperate Housewives and Brothers And Sisters: Calms Before the Storms

Posted by Dustin on 11.30.2009 at 4:26 pm

Both “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters” this week seemed to be setting up the major drama to come next week with the last new episodes of the year. Some recaps mixed in with thoughts below for both . . .

Desperate Housewives

The drama between Carlos and Lynette intensified this week. Carlos and Gabby were prepared to forgive Lynette for lying to them, but as Gabby was making amends, Carlos was served with a lawsuit by Lynette! Carlos then did everything he could to get Lynette legally fired, such as giving impossible work assignments. In the end she was out. I have to say, I hated Carlos in this episode, hated him. What really set me over the top was that he forced Lynette to chose between her job and her daughter’s Christmas pageant, and how he and Gabby would not be going to it for the first time ever. What a jerk to use her kids like that!

Susan finally learned about Bree and Karl. She tried to make Bree see what kind of man Karl was, but Bree admitted she loved him. Susan decided to give them her blessing. My guess is she expects Karl not to change and Bree will have to learn the hard way. I guess if someone is determined to make a mistake, all you can do is try and show them they are making one. Bree meanwhile set it up so an ex-con friend of Orson’s paid him a visit so they could blackmail him into giving Bree a divorce (to associate with other ex-cons could send him back to jail).

Mike faced off with Katherine after she kept trying to use MJ to get between him and Susan, telling MJ how Susan was a bad person for what she had done. By the end of the show Mike found MJ at Katherine’s and she had a big knife (she was slicing him pie or something). He sent MJ home, took the knife from her and was so furious he told Katherine they never had anything, he thought of Susan every time he was with her. OUCH! She told him to just stick the knife in her now, but he said he didn’t care enough about her to kill her. He left and Katherine called the cops, saying she was losing a lot of blood. She stabbed herself with the knife! Clearly she’s setting it up so it looks like Mike stabbed her, as his prints are also on the knife. I don’t think it will work though, as there have been hints Katherine is going to a mental hospital.

The final story, and again the best, was the ongoing drama with Angie, Nick and Danny. The murder of the waitress at the coffee shop caused more issues, as Nick was the last customer. He feared if the police found out, they’d come to question him and might want to run his prints. He suggested it might be time to move again, but she refused to move yet again, she liked it here.

Meanwhile Danny tried to ask Julie out, but she said she couldn’t. He knew about her and his dad, which she said just made things weird, which is why they’d never be. Danny seemingly started to break down. I started to think that he actually was the real attacker by the odd way he was acting.

Danny headed home to hear his parents fighting. Nick had admitted to calling the feds, which Angie was furious about. Angie then said it was her fault they were in this mess, she’s the one that killed a man, she’s the one they wanted. She said they could never go back there. Danny ran upstairs and later Angie found him having taken a bottle of pills. He lived, and at the hospital Nick and Angie had a strange talk. She talked about how Nick didn’t have to come with them, that he gave everything up when he left with them. Nick said he’d do it again. Wait . . . what? They didn’t come out and say it, but I got the feeling Nick is not Angie’s husband nor Danny’s dad. Did Angie kill his real father? Later Danny woke up while a nurse was there and when she called him Danny he said “My name isn’t Danny, it’s Tyler.” I think Danny/Tyler is going to end up saying too much.

Brothers and Sisters

It was a week before the wedding and Nora and Holy were giving Rebecca a bachelorette party, while Robert decided to throw Justin a bachelor party. Meanwhile Scotty and Kevin went to a sperm bank to find out which had the more viable sperm, and Scotty won out.

Holly was becoming increasingly worried about money for the wedding and went to ask Nora for a loan. In the end, Nora gave her the money without any strings attached (aka meddling in the plans). They actually had a nice talk saying they were going to be family and had to learn to trust one another. Though can they ever really trust Holly? She has been a lot better lately I must admit.

Justin got his midterms back, he’s failing and on academic probation. I really don’t like this story. Why send him to medical school to flunk him out? Grrrr! At his bachelor party he had a glass of champagne, which got everyone upset. Later Justin learned about the baby from Rebecca, but also found out that pretty much everyone else knew before him. He was livid. Rebecca wanted to keep the baby and Justin lied to her telling her he was happy and wanted the baby as well. He wasn’t happy though, which he told Robert earlier. Justin never told Rebecca about his grades though, he did tell Saul.

Finally Simon and Nora had been sexing it up, and Sarah became worried. She did some googling and learned Simon had two malpractice suits against him. Nora however knew and said they were both thrown out. Sarah said she was sorry and was taking her issues with Luc out on her mom. Kitty and Sarah both wanted her mom to be happy, if Simon made her happy, go for it. However Kevin felt Sarah was always dead on with these things, he did some more searching. He feels Simon lost his license, which is why he now does research as opposed to treating patients.

I really like Simon, so I hope they don’t once again break Nora and her latest guy up. It seems that’s all they do to poor Nora. This episode was good, but next week’s with the wedding looks to be the shocking cliff hanger of the year. The promo said something about a secret or reveal nobody expected. What could it be?




  1. I agree about Justin. It is annoying to have him struggle. He was an Army medic so he had/has medical training, schooling and experience. They should have had him become an EMT (like Jim on Ghost Whisperer), nurse, or Phys. Assistant. The less traditional role would be easier to write and believe and be an inspiration to America’s youth.

    Comment by sean
    11.30.2009 at 5:39 pm
  2. Also, I found it really annoying that not one person was excited to hear that Rebecca was pregnant. Not one smile, hug or congratulations. Everyone treated it like a tragedy. I don’t think this bodes well for the baby, excuse me, fetus. And what’s with the population explosion? Last year it was Kitty, before that it was Julia and now we have both Justin and Kevin. If I were Ryan, I’d wear two condoms.

    Comment by sean
    11.30.2009 at 5:43 pm
  3. My take wasn’t that nobody was happy or smiling because they weren’t happy about the baby, but because they all knew Justin was the last to find out. It was an awkward situation.

    Comment by Dustin
    11.30.2009 at 6:25 pm
  4. i bet lynett will loose her babies saving carlos, gabby, or their children.

    i realy hated carlos on this episode. Why were they surprised lynett would sue, they were treating her wrong.

    why does Gabby have anything to do with carlos running the company. it is none of her business.

    also, how can carlos or gabby judge lynett after all the stuff gabby is or has been lying about. like paying the preast to get her child in school.

    Comment by smoore
    11.30.2009 at 10:10 pm
  5. No one here blames Lynnette? Lynnette lied for months! She hid it and hid it and hid it. Did Carlos not deserve to know she’d be leaving for maternity leave in…looks like a month! I don’t see why Carlos had to keep her around at all when she refused the promotion. He should have fired her right then. And I think the fact that Carlos was ready to forgive her for sabotaging his business before she decided to sue him is telling of what a good man he actually is.

    I’m happy Katherine’s finally gone off the deep end…if it means they’ll get her to the hospital before that plane crashes! Guessing who the people who will kick it has been a lot of fun around our house. Every episode it looked like Katherine was getting one step closer to plane food, but here’s hoping!

    Disclaimer: Katherine is for some unknown reason my favorite character. I think its my unbridled hatred for Susan… 🙂

    Comment by Kole
    12.01.2009 at 6:14 pm
  6. I normally am not in Lynette’s corner cause of how she acts a lot of the time, but what irked me was that Carlos used Penny in their quarrel. That I thought was cold and over the line.

    Comment by Dustin
    12.01.2009 at 6:48 pm
  7. Lynette was under no legal obligation to tell Carlos. Morally yes, legally no. He however would be a big looser in a law suit. Lynette is in three protected classes – first, she pregnant; second, she is a woman; and third, she is over 40. In addition, his moving her to that closet and then assigning her an impossible task WITH the threat of loosing her job if not completed by a certain time AND in front of a witness would guarantee he would not only lose a law suit but also his company. I’m not a lawyer, but I have had to fire over 100 people during my career.

    Comment by sean
    12.01.2009 at 8:01 pm
  8. Well, that’s simply not true… to be protected by the Maternity and Parental Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2002 you must tell your employer by the 25th (qualifying) week. State and federal laws do not prohibit involuntary layoffs or reductions-in-force affecting older workers, so being older offers her no more or less protection. She also wasn’t offered a task she couldn’t complete – she chose not to. She told Carlos she just needed an hour more to work on it, so obviously she could have done it had she missed Penny’s pageant. I know my parents had to miss my school stuff for work, so I don’t really see that as unreasonable. Also, the witness was there for Carlos’ protection – so that he would not only win a lawsuit but also keep his company 🙂

    Comment by Kole
    12.02.2009 at 1:26 am
  9. I think what irks me the most is that Lynette really helped him make his company what it is and was through alot with it. She even put up with the psycho ex of his. And now when she needs him to help her a bit, he’s acting like an ass. I understand her lying and him being upset…but I think he’s going over the line. Besides, ALOT of women work from home on leave nowadays.

    Comment by Beth
    12.02.2009 at 1:12 pm

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