Eastwick: Only One Episode Left!

Eastwick: Only One Episode Left!

Posted by Dustin on 12.22.2009 at 2:17 pm

There is only one episode left for “Eastwick,” which airs on the 30th. I think we all need to be prepared for unanswered questions given this last episode.

It’s a shame this show wasn’t given enough time, as it gets better and better with each episode. We were just beginning to get into the story of Jamie’s mom and the third of the older triad of witches. Grrrrr, that’s what I was looking forward to and really wanted to see who they might cast (in flashbacks) for her. Or maybe they would have faked her death this whole time given she was the one to kill Sebastian/Daryl?

The girls were also just coming into their full powers, another reason it sucks they canceled it when they did. I would have liked to have seen what other types of powers Roxie developed.

A final note . . . a reader, Heather, sent me this link to a petition to save the show. http://www.petitiononline.com/saveeas1/

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1 Comment

  1. ABC blows. They skipped a cliffhanger 2nd to last episode to instead show the final episode. This network can’t be counted on to complete a story. They heavily promoted Defying Gravity only to find out they had no time slot planned and no intentions of ever completing the full first season. Only four episodes of “V”. Why did they bother? I won’t start to watch another on going series on this network. If this network can’t commit to a show, why should its viewers?

    Comment by Tek
    12.30.2009 at 11:44 pm

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