Parenthood: Birthdays and Stuffs

Parenthood: Birthdays and Stuffs

Posted by Dustin on 04.25.2010 at 7:57 pm

So I really loved this past week’s “Parenthood.” The news that there is a second season coming is great too.

Zeke and Adam took a roadtrip, Zeke is in some trouble with investments he made and now he’s stuck with some worthless land he can’t unload. So more trouble between him and his wife with more secrets it would seem. I don’t recall them ever resolving some of the issues from the pilot, where Sarah learned her dad was sleeping in the guest house as well as had condoms in the desk drawer.

Julia thought her daughter might have Asperger’s as well, but it turned out she was just bored at school as she’s gifted. I thought that story was pretty predictable. I just hope they don’t make Julia go even more nuts over her daughter as she already is (ie the swimming pool scene). I could see her becoming overbearing with school and pressuring her.

Speaking of school, Amber did have a crush on her teacher and was less than pleased her mom was interested in him. She then took back up with her loser ex, which caused more drama between her and her mom. Sarah just didn’t want her making the same mistakes she did. In the end, Amber realized her ex was a loser who didn’t know how to pronounce marauders. That was a great scene! It also looks like her teacher returns for the finale, and will be back next season. There is still hope for Sarah and the teach yet it seems. They are my favorite storyline.

I really enjoyed Crosby’s storyline with Jasmine, Jabbar’s, and Jasmine’s family this week. Jasmine let her family think Crosby abandoned her and Jabbar, so it was hilarious when there was conflict between her family and his at the party. I knew it would happen, Zeke played the race card thinking they didn’t like them because they were white. Everyone else immediately started saying “We think he has a brain tumor! He might have turrets!” It was one of the funniest scenes of the whole show. The truth came out of course, and we can see Crosby and Jasmine might actually have a future as a couple. I’m sure the ex/frozen egg lady though will suddenly show up wanting Crosby still to mess up things.

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