Brothers And Sisters: We’re Having A Baby, Well Some Of Us . . .

Brothers And Sisters: We’re Having A Baby, Well Some Of Us . . .

Posted by Dustin on 04.26.2010 at 11:01 pm

On the latest episode of “Brothers and Sisters,” Kevin and Scotty went to a psychic that Kevin thought was a con artist, but all her quirky predictions came true throughout the episode. I thought she was funny, and would like to have seen them go back to her in the end and thank her, and have Kevin apologize for being so rude during their session. In the end, Scotty and Kevin’s surrogate was pregnant.

Sarah worried throughout the whole show that she was pregnant, but in the end she wasn’t. Luc thought it would have been great, but she disagreed especially with him going away the next day. However he didn’t, and was saved with a Green Card at the last minute. While we knew Luc was going to stay, or not be gone forever, I felt this end was a bit rushed. It was just so last minute “surprise you’re saved!” I just didn’t feel satisfied I guess.

Nora and Saul’s mom Ida made a return, and she was not doing well. She was losing her memory, showing signs of either dementia or Alzheimer’s. Nora, always the problem solver, wanted her to live with her. Ida was against this from the start, and was at times mean and nasty to Nora. Nora fretted as to how she never had a good or close relationship with her mom. However in a moment where she thought she was with a friend, she confessed how Nora was a great mom, had great kids, and she did not want to be a burden to her. In the end, Ida seemed to head off to a home she herself found. Sadly Saul never came out to his mom, it’s a secret he’d been keeping from her his whole life and he didn’t tell her in this episode either.

The end of the show set up some stories that could lead to the death of some of our beloved Walkers in the upcoming season finale. Justin, moved over the death of one of his friends in Iraq, began to think perhaps he should go back to the war as a medic. Okay what what what !?!? First, wasn’t he discharged? Second, couldn’t he just finish medical school and go as part of doctor’s without borders or something? To see Justin just want to ditch school and return to the army irked me, as we’ve become so invested in him not flunking out of school all season long!

We meanwhile learned that Robert didn’t get his job because his heart wasn’t good enough, but because someone else in the government with their own plans for him put the 86 on the other job. We don’t know what it the original was aside from being in DC. The other job has to do with serving the country in some way, which Robert accepted. What is he going to be doing? Returning to duty as a general perhaps or something? He can’t be a spy, as he’s too well known!

There was no word on Narrow Lake in this episode, but Season Finale spoilers give the major hint that it is a spring of some sorts. So it looks like it is some kind of bottle water plan after all. Really? With the amount of bottled waters already out there this is what is going to save them? I’m hoping there is something bigger here honestly.


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