Army Wives: And Lenore Goes DOWN Again!

Army Wives: And Lenore Goes DOWN Again!

Posted by Dustin on 04.28.2010 at 9:18 pm

On the latest episode of “Army Wives,” the Spencer Awards were given out, and thanks to help from Roxy and Pamela, Lenora went down and hard! During the banquet Lenore told Roxie off about the high and mighty Claudia Joy after a question and answer session, not having taken her microphone off of course. Pamela made sure everyone heard what she had to say, which basically made her look like an ass. Claudia Joy of course won the award, but probably would have anyways.

Later Claudia Joy and Lenore faced off. Claudia Joy told Lenore the reason she succeeds and Lenore always fails is because Lenore expects something from everyone, she doesn’t understand what it means to be a friend. Lenore felt she only had followers, people who want something from her, never friends. I guess we were in some way supposed to feel bad for her, but I sure didn’t! The woman is bad news, let’s ship her off and not see her again!

Roland’s old partner Price returned, basically begging Roland for money and guilting him, saying Roland would not have this practice without him. Roland wanted him to turn himself in, but Price refused saying he’d never get a fair trial. In the end Roland turned him in, not wanting to jeopardize his family, but then mortgaged the business to pay for Price’s defense. Honestly, I didn’t like Price last season and I am not happy to have him back. But I guess they did leave us hanging with no closure in regards to him, and Roland does need a story while Joan is away. Still, I hope this doesn’t linger.

Joan meanwhile continued her recovery among other patients, who made her realize her new assignment was something to be proud of rather than look down upon. She was assigned to help a unit rebuild a school in Iraq, rather than return straight to fighting.

Finally Trevor and Roxie told the boys about the new baby. They of course were immediately jealous, fearing Trevor would love the new baby more as it was biologically his. He and Roxie told them that would never happen. This story was predictable, and expected.

Next week Pamela ponders the idea of divorce, which would also mean leaving the base and her friends. THIS is the story I’ve been looking forward to. It looks like next week is going to be drama filled!

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