Brothers and Sisters: Rebecca Departs . . . .

Brothers and Sisters: Rebecca Departs . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2010 at 9:40 pm

So a lot of heartache and heartbreak on the latest “Brothers and Sisters,” with much more to come.

Kitty grew closer to her handyman (Chase from “Army Wives,”) and it scared her. He felt he was moving too fast for her, but in the end she wanted to pursue the feelings. However it seems from spoilers, and casting, these two might not make it 🙁

Another couple not making it for now? Saul and his new guy Charlie (Stephen Collins). When Saul finally told him about his HIV status, Charlie said he couldn’t do it again. He’d already watched a partner die slowly over ten years, he couldn’t do it again. I’m not so sure this is the last we’ll see of Charlie.

We have however, possibly seen the last of Rebecca. I am not weeping here! Though I suspect, based on the way she left, she may be back. Rebecca and Justin hooked up, but after a melt-down with Holly she realized her mom would not get better with her around. She also realized Justin went off because he needed to, and now he was an amazing man. She needed the same, and was taking a job in New York . . . . Wait a minute . . . First she dumps him for doing what he did and treats him like crap, then she says “I need what you did too.” BYE Rebecca, don’t let the door knock you on your ass on the way out! I do however feel like she WILL be back. I feel like they left things open ended, so if the show was to end this year (as many originally feared) she would return for a “happy ending.”

Next week we have to deal with the mother of all betrayals . . . . Scotty cheats on Kevin! I am NOT looking forward to this story at all 🙁


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