Gretchen Wins Project Runway 8, Twitter Explodes, Crunchy Granola Coming To A Walmart Near You

Gretchen Wins Project Runway 8, Twitter Explodes, Crunchy Granola Coming To A Walmart Near You

Posted by Dustin on 10.31.2010 at 11:42 am

So Gretchen won this season of “Project Runway.”

I . . . was . . . so . . . angry! I stayed up late to watch the rerun and felt I had not only wasted those 2 hours, but waisted time this entire season.

I completely expected Mondo to win, and I think he deserved to win. I just DIDN’T understand their crappy judging this season, especially from Top Designer Michael Korrs and Neeeeenaaaa Gaaaaacccciaaaaa.

I loved Heidi trying her best to argue for Mondo at the end. Nina and Michael were all about Gretchen’s “wearability” and “sale-able” to the mainstream woman. I feel like in the past they have marked people down for designing clothes just like that. Suddenly that was in, cutting edge was out.

I also felt Gretchen’s clothes were just, as they constantly said, crunchy granola boring. How suddenly did her clothes, as Korrs put it, become what America wanted. He said she had her finger on the pulse of fashion, that she was what was now in.

I was just overall frustrated. Some people do like Gretchen and feel she did deserved to win. One of those being Gretchen. Her lack of humility also irked me. The day after many TV/Fashion sites had interviews with her and she point blank said not only did she deserve to win, she EXPECTED to win.

I hope Gretchen did not go read Twitter after the episode, because it exploded with love for Mondo and disgust for Grouchy Gretchen.

Oh and it was sweet to see her former girl BFFs on the show turn on her at the reunion after watching the seasons episodes and seeing how nasty Gretchen was in all of her confessional interviews!




  1. They criticized Michael C for only showing one color and then they love Gretchen for having 10 looks in the same color and pattern. Actually, I think she really only showed 8 looks because several models had to walk in their underwear.

    And WTF was Gretchen wearing? She stole one of April’s dresses.

    Mondo was robbed. Although, PR did keep the tradition of the winner of the first challenge usually being the ultimate winner.

    I think this is the first runway finale where not a single outfit wowed the crowd enough to receive additional applause – that says a lot.

    Comment by Sean
    10.31.2010 at 12:24 pm
  2. I also was totally annoyed that Gretchen won. Those knit underwear are what women want to wear? Also felt like I wasted my time watching the whole season. Definitely thought Mondo deserved to win. Would have preferred to see Michael C.’s collection over that frumpy mess Gretchen put out there.

    Comment by PENSGIEL
    11.07.2010 at 1:44 pm

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