Sunday 2/20 With The Wives and Walkers

Sunday 2/20 With The Wives and Walkers

Posted by Dustin on 02.21.2011 at 1:04 pm

I seems the past two sundays I keep getting distracted during these two shows. Last night I faired better though. However someone is now punishing me by not having new episodes of either for two weeks. Ahhh!

On “Housewives,” I hate hate hate the way the Bree and Keith story turned out, with him having to chose between her and his son. Of course Bree in part brought this on herself, but in the end told him the age difference and his desire to have a kid was important and he needed to be with his kid. I hope we see Keith back some day!

The story with Gabby returning home and confronting her step-father’s grave, but more importantly the nun who she confided in and did nothing, was so powerful! I’m still hoping we’ll see Grace and her family again at some point.

The resolution of the Paul and Zack storyline, with Zack strung out and telling his dad that nobody could ever love him, which is why mom/Mary Alice shot herself . . . wow! Then when he through Beth out at the end saying nobody could ever love him, I actually for a moment felt sorry for both of them. The show hinted someone on the lane was going to pull a Mary Alice in the next episode. I’m guessing it’s either Beth or Paul at this point.

I’ve really been enjoying the Susan story as of late. However at the end of this episode with her collapsing . . . Susan better find a kidney and stat!

On “Brother and Sisters,” we went through a whole bunch of is she or isn’t she William’s kid with Sarah. In the end she was William’s kid. For me this whole thing just started reminding me of the horror that was the Ryan storyline. Shivers! Glad it ended the way it did.

The man who might have been returned into Nora’s life for a brief episode. Once again it was another installment of Nora’s unfortunate love life. Will she ever find a man? At this point my money is on NO!

I’m honestly more interested in the Olivia storyline, which has been absent the past few episodes, save for a few mentions of her. I have actually like having Tommy back. Shocking I know. He was always such an ass on the show. However it’s good to see him back and not being a total jerk all the time. Though I’m not sure about this new wife of his yet . . . .




  1. I don’t know if Susan will find that kidney or not, because they say she isn’t coming back next year, so maybe she will die?

    Comment by Brooke
    02.22.2011 at 11:04 am
  2. Actually Teri Hatcher re-signed. There was a bogus story out awhile back saying she was leaving, but it’s not true. Of the original four, she’s the only one who HAS re-signed, the others are holding out for money 🙂

    Comment by Dustin
    02.22.2011 at 2:10 pm
  3. Really?!?! I didn’t know it was fake!! My mom will be happy lol.

    Comment by Brooke
    02.22.2011 at 5:41 pm

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