Glee: Party Till You Puke!

Glee: Party Till You Puke!

Posted by Dustin on 02.23.2011 at 7:09 pm

Last night’s episode of “Glee” completely washed away the stench of the prior “Bieber” inspired episode. I too have wiped that travesty, save for the awesome “Rent” duet by Mercedes and Rachel, from my own mind.

I love love loved last night’s episode. There were so many great lines. I think my favorite goes to . . . . Santana! Yes, Sanata, not Brittany. I loved her line about alcohol awareness “I’m aware how much fun alcohol is!”

Not the message to send to kids of course, but in the end they made sure to send the right/responsible message. I really liked that Beastie and Will had a real talk about teens and drinking and how to handle it best. That being some teens are going to drink no matter what they tell them, the best they can do in those cases is also teach them to be safe.

I will admit, I screamed at one point because I thought Will and The Beastie were going to have drunk sex. I also loved Will’s drunk text, and how Sue’s plan backfired completely. Figgins, thinking the puke fest at the assembly was “special effects” was hilarious. Though I did wonder what the hell they were drinking and eating to have grey puke.

Oh, Figgins also introducing the song by “K, dollar sign, Haaaa” was hilarious too.

I am hoping that after Emma heard Will’s drunk dial, along with the rest of the school, that perhaps she’ll rethink Dr. Carl. Of course I’m still waiting for Terry to pop up pregnant at some point, from that one night stand awhile back.

The Blaine story . . . I’m so glad they didn’t make him go Bi. Poor Kurt has been hurt enough as is. When is he going to dump the Warblers and return to New Directions already!

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  1. I loved this episode!! Great lines, and acting! I thought it was hilarious with Puck wearing Laurens glasses! Was surprised that Santana was making out with Sam?!?! Didn’t realize Quinn and him broke up. I think the puke was suppose to be purple, because wasn’t that the color of the drink? And I knew ppl were going to think it was stagged LOL.

    Comment by Brooke
    02.24.2011 at 11:12 am
    Best. Line. Ever!

    Comment by Nadine
    02.24.2011 at 9:31 pm

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