PLL: Allison’s Brother Keeps Secrets Too!

PLL: Allison’s Brother Keeps Secrets Too!

Posted by Dustin on 06.22.2011 at 5:30 pm

This week on “Pretty Little Liars” the drama over Ian continued. Nobody had seen him, and Melissa was acting very odd. Spencer eventually gave her her cell phone back . . . Melissa claimed she needed it incase the police called about Ian. Right! Because they can’t call the home phone? Later Spencer caught Melissa in another lie, that she had stayed inside all day. Her coat was wet, and she had gone to have an ultra-sound on the baby.

Allison’s brother Jason moved back to town, and Spencer decided to be friendly. Melissa warned her that Ian always said he was not be trusted . . . because Ian’s a great source! Jason kept suspiciously asking Spencer about Ian, if he flat out said he killed Allison. Spencer said no, but it seemed liked he wanted to make sure people thought she did. Jason also put up a large fence for “privacy,” but Spencer felt it was to hide something . . . or someone.

Is Jason putting up Ian? If so why? Are they friends, or does Jason feel Ian killed Allison and is hiding him to get his own revenge? Or could Jason be Alison’s killer? He was very interested in what Ian said about Allison’s death . . . did Ian know too much? Were they in on it together?

Elsewhere, Toby faced discrimination issues at his new job, Fitz retired and he and Aria worked things out, and Emily found a possible way to stay in Rosewood. Seems she’s being scouted by a university, but she needs to finish school where she is . . . disruptions look bad.

As for “Chloe King,” I honestly need to re-watch this week’s episode. I found myself distracted during it, and to be honest a little bored. I also have this feeling that the human guy she likes so much . . . well his father is probably one of the people out to get Chloe.




  1. The father is the guy in charge of the hunt for Chloe. They showed it in the last episode. He was the guy in the limo that gave the order to kill her as many times as was needed.

    Comment by Beth
    06.23.2011 at 8:20 am
  2. Guess I should have paid more attention lol! But that was an obvious and overused plot device, so it was expected

    Comment by Dustin
    06.23.2011 at 5:40 pm

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